Target Place : Site, school, hospital, apartment

Target : To turn camera images into traceable, manageable form

Benefits :

  • Safety warnings and share real-time on mobile

  • Developing strategies to increase security and visitor satisfaction

  • Density maps are used to digitize the most used areas based on time and number of visitors

  • Generate intelligent analysis based on visitor behavioral images

Plate Recognition


Motion Detection


Target Place : Shopping & Business Centers, Shops

Target : Visitor behavior analysis

Benefits : 

  • To graph the average service time of the services provided at payment, control and counseling points on a time basis

  • To provide analytics for strategic decisions and operational efficiency enhancement

  • Visualizing and visualizing the data, generating warnings and real-time monitoring

  • ​Visualize visitor traffic, sales conversions and performance over time

  • Present location-based density maps with time-based diagrams and graphs

Customer Traffic Analysis

Plate Recognition

Lost property

Face Detection

Heat Map

Employee Tracking

Density Maps


Target Place :  Square, Airport and Stations

Target :  Creating safe spaces

Benefits : 

  • Analyzing visitors, vehicles, products and behaviors with the information gathered from the sensors in the closest sensitivity in the virtual environment

  • Produce intelligent analyzes based on visitor behavioral images, contribute to the correct presentation of operational and strategic decisions

Field Violation

Lost property

Plate Tracking

Intensity Map

Face recognition

People counting