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SmartFace is a person identification system based on facial recognition developed by using deep learning technology. It is used to determine if unknown persons are among the people previously defined to the system.


Face pictures are detected from the camera images and are transferred to the system in real time. Every transferred face picture is compared with the previously defined reference face pictures in the system.

A face picture with a high similarity to any reference face image is saved as a matching record into the system together with it's confidence level.

These matching records can be monitored via a web based application, and also real-time alerts can be sent from desired channels according to their confidence level.





Smartix is a video/photo archive system used for classifying, identifying and indexing people appearing in media contents. It is based on a cutting-edge facial detection and recognition technology.

 People are indexed according to the time intervals (in seconds) they appear in a video content. This provides direct access to scenes of the desired person at the indexed time intervals. 


In addition, all photos where desired people appear can be filtered and accessed directly from the system.



SmartStore is a retail in-store visitor analytics system in which visitor information and behavior is anonymously stored, monitored, analyzed and visually reported.
Visitor faces detected from in-store camera images are anonymously identified, digitized and recorded.

This information is used for gender and age prediction and can be used to recognize the visitor on subsequent visits.

 In-store location-based heat maps are also extracted from visitor tracking information.

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